Our Websites

. Rudolf Steiner Archive

An electronic Library (e.Lib) and Archive site for the collected works (over 6000) of the Austrian born philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925). Other presentations of the Rudolf Steiner Archive are:

. Now I See …

Book Reviews from Anthroposophists: an opportunity for Anthroposophists to present reviews of non-anthroposophical books in such categories as non-fiction, scholastic or academic, history, science, biography, autobiography, and the paranormal.

. www.WaldorfEducation.net

Waldorf Education dot Net is a site providing resources to the community of Waldorf Teachers and Schools. Currently it is using the Education Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive as its Home Page.

. www.BiodynamicFarming.info

The BiodynamicFarming Information site provides resources to the Biodynamic Farming and Agriculture community. Currently it is using the Biodynamics Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive as its Home Page.

. Fine Art Presentations — The e.Gallery

An electronic Art Gallery (e.Gallery) and Archive site for the presentation of the fine artworks of many different and varied artists. Categories include: Artists by Century, by Movement, Ethnicity, and Special Collections, including Anthroposophically-inspired Artists.

. KnowNews dot NET

Up-to-the-minute Newswire from around the world and across the nation. An Anthroposophical e.News service, Tech-News, sports and entertainment, too.

. Goethean Science and Goetheanism sites

Two sites relating to Goethe and Goethean Science: science according to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Science, Drama, and the Arts. Other presentations from the Goethean sites:

. Goethean Discussions

Goethean Sciences new relevance to holistic health and self-healing.

Anthroposophical Organizations

. Waldorf Answers

Waldorf teachers informing the public about the basis, philosophy and practice of Waldorf education.

. Americans for Waldorf

AWE is a group of current and past Waldorf parents and teachers seeking to support Waldorf Education by providing articles, experiences, research, and answers to questions.

. Uncle Taz

Anarchosophy as a synthesis of anarchism and anthroposophy. Marijuana legislation. Poetry, galleries, libraries. Esoteric Christianity.

Other Organizations

. The Wizard’s Lair

The e.Lib’s Alternative WWW server — esoteric happenings.