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“Accumulating information is the first step toward knowledge, sharing information is the first step toward community.” — The e.Librarian


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The Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib is our gift to Anthroposophy, the world-wide Anthroposophical Movement in general, and to the Spiritual Community of Man. Here, we offer summaries of Rudolf Steiner’s books translated from the original German to English and in many other languages, a catalogue of Steiner’s holdings, a chronological listing of Steiner’s lectures (over 6000), and all of his books. All that and thousands of his lectures, articles and essays for interested readers to contemplate and use in their research. If nothing else, the topics covered here should make you think — and that is good. This is an on-going project — there will always be new information presented here. An adventure in Spiritual Science.


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V. Holdings
VI. Lectures by Schmidt No.